Eytan Mirsky Drops New Album

We had the distinct pleasure of producing Eytan Mirsky’s new album, “Lord Have Mirsky!” Eytan is an NYC based singer/songwriter whose idiosyncratic, witty songs have been featured in movies like “The Tao of Steve”, “Happiness”, “Palindromes” and “American Splendor”.

Like many albums in the last two years, almost every phase of it was done remotely. Eytan would send home demos to Jon, who would in turn sketch out arrangements, with details to be filled in by several musicians working from their own work spaces. Musical elements would be sent around via internet. It would then fall to Jon to compile, edit, mix and eventually master the tracks at JGMP Beacon.

Eytan sang lead vocals and collaborated with Jon on arrangements. Jon played guitars, bass, keyboards, some percussion, arranged, produced, mixed and mastered. We also drew on the talents of some great musicians, including: Catherine Russell (background vocals), Tommy Mandel (piano, organ), Peter McDade (drums), Tommy Detamore (pedal steel), Andy Snitzer (tenor sax) and Larry Etkin (trumpet). One song was a separate production by Peter Kohl, featuring drummer Rob Pallotta.

The remote production required us to make some technical innovations. Eytan sang from his bedroom. Catherine Russell sang in her closet, into a specially equipped iPhone. Most of the guys worked from home studios, while trumpeter Larry Etkin made the actual trip to JGMP Beacon, for the only in-person sessions of the album:

Work took place over the course of the pandemic, with Eytan writing songs as we went. His vision for this album was to break new stylistic ground, and make something of a departure from the power-pop style that had dominated his previous albums. Jon had been involved in several of those albums. It was both challenging and fun to take the music to new places.

All in all, we are quite proud of the result! You can audition the album HERE. Don’t forget to scroll down the page for more songs!

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  1. Eytan Mirsky
    March 25

    Thanks for the great work, Jon. I couldn’t be happier with the end result and with the great reviews I am getting!

  2. Jon Gordon
    March 25

    Thanks Eytan!

  3. Dan Gruen
    May 4

    Absolutely loving this album. Every track delivers, musically and lyrically. Thanks for this.

    • Jon Gordon
      May 4

      Thanks, Dan, for the kind words!
      We’re working on a new one!

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