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It is mid-September as I write this. School is back in session and the nights are starting to be quite cool. All the subtle and not-so-subtle signs of the season are saying “Get  back to work!”.  High time for a new newsletter!

Jon Gordon Music Production is a prime provider of audio and music recording and production services. We can tailor our approach to your needs. Studio tours, consultations, budget estimates, etc. are available free, on request.  Here is our current news:

Killer Tracks – Nice Pop II

How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Largely writing, recording and producing a new 12 song CD for Killer Tracks/Universal Music Group, “Nice Pop II”, to be a companion to 2012’s “Nice Pop” in their NYB catalog. The CD features sounds, styles and attitudes inspired by contemporary Top 40 radio.  I had an inordinate amount of fun writing these songs, which run the gamut from tender ballads to nihilistic dance pop, including one in which the love-struck protagonist can only make progress with the girl of his dreams by tagging along with her and her entire posse of BFFs.

I had the invaluable assistance of singers Cassidy Ladden and Jeff Washburn, who really brought the songs to life.  Also, my old pal and frequent co-writer Davi Vieira came in to play percussion on several songs.

Nice Pop II is slated for a November release on Killer’s website.

Cassidy Ladden - Photo by Silvano DiMonte
Cassidy Ladden – Photo by Silvano DiMonte
Jeff Washburn - Man of a Thousand Voices
Jeff Washburn – Man of a Thousand Voices


Also slated for November release on the Killer website is a set of 12 Brazilian sports trailers, title TBA, to go in the Killer Latino catalog.  The songs were composed and recorded by me and Davi Vieira and have already been used in the ESPN coverage of the FIFA World Cup this past summer under a Temporary exclusive deal. As we say in Portuguese: “Levante E Vamos!” (Get up and Go!)


In the dead of August, we were very pleased to record ADR for the upcoming “Alto The Movie” under the expert guidance of director Mikki Del Monico of Shake The Tree Productions.  Actors recorded included American Idol winner  Diana DeGarmoLou Martini Jr., Natalie KneppWard HortonJake RobardsGerard Renison and the amazing Toni D’Antonio (also the producer).


Power-pop icon and movie songwriter Eytan Mirsky (Happiness, American Splendor, The Tao of Steve) has a way of recording songs over a long period of time until all of a sudden you realize that the next album is done. We are getting close to a follow-up to 2012’s smash “Year of The Mouse“. Aside from the usual wrecking crew that records the music (me) we have had some very able assists from Keyboardists Robbie Kondor and Jon Cobert, saxophonist Michael Weisberger, trumpeter Mike Lewis, percussionist Davi Vieira and drummer/percussionist Denny McDermott, as we strive to take Eytan’s music in previously unexplored directions! You can check out one of Eytan’s songs, channeling some 70’s group, HERE.


Meredith Levande/Monkey Monkey Music:  Spent a long day with Meredith and her crack rhythm section, Yuka Tadano and Barbara Merjan, recording basics for a whole new batch of songs. All this while Meredith prepares a pilot for an upcoming PBS show. The lady does not ever slow down! Singer/songwriters Marco JoachimBrian  McNeese and William Ben Brooks, have been in and out, all in various stages of upcoming projects.


Jon Gordon Music Production Inc. now has its own Facebook Page. There are lots of pictures from our gallery, and we will be posting news tidbits as they happen. Please go there now and Like us!  You can click HERE.

And that’s a wrap for now. Hope to see you soon!


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    April 9

    Such a newsletter! May I be the first to comment.

  2. August 5

    Great newsletter!

  3. November 22

    thanx very much for the Killer Home Recording Setting Up.. I love music and I can play music but just recently I took ineertst in electronic music and I belive the set up pdf will be a great starting point for me.. I still need a lot of help and I belive Im in the right place.. Im seeing a great lot of stuff here but all is still advanced stuff to me, Im just a beginner.. However, Im starting to explore FL 10 and Adobe Audition 1.5 to make myself familiar with them. I hope to get all the help and tips I need from u guys..Once again, Its great to be here..

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