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Hi All:

Hope your Summer went well! The Fall has already held some interesting surprises:


We recently heard from Everett Bradley and Greg Parratto, producers of "Listen" a CD to benefit the Our Time Theater Company. "Listen" is nominated for Grammys in several categories! This includes Category 91, Engineered Album, Non Classical, Nomination # 147 (hint to all you NARAS members), a category for all the engineers, including myself, who worked on the CD.

It was my privilege to record a number of singing actors for this project, including Michael Cerveris (Tommy, Assassins, Sweeney Todd, pictured below), Mary Testa (Xanadu, 42nd St.), Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp (both from Rent, original cast) and Mandy Patinkin (Falsettos, The Secret Garden, Sunday in the Park with George), as well as assisting on a session for Sherie Rene Scott (Ursula in The Little Mermaid).

Other engineers on the project include such luminaries as Roy Hendrickson and Michael Brauer. I am honored to be in their company.

JG and actor Michael Cerveris — Photo by Mikiodo

MARY TRAVERS 1936—2009

I wanted to note the passing of Mary Travers, a true original in the music of this country. I first learned of Mary when my much hipper older sister started bringing home folk records, much to my bewilderment and consternation. Years later, in the late 1970's when I was a journeyman guitarist, I toured as part of the band for Mary's solo act.

In Peter, Paul and Mary, she had been instructed to say nothing onstage, as part of her mystique. In her solo act, Mary turned out to have quite a bit to say indeed! Feisty, talkative and charismatic, glamorous with her trademark sweep of white-blond hair, Mary was always exciting to be around. I got to travel all over the country with her, playing at many interesting venues. "Follow Me" and "Leaving on a Jet Plane" are now pretty much indelibly etched in my mind, as we played them every show.

After awhile, Peter Paul and Mary began a heavy schedule of reunion appearances, which did not involve me, while I got busy with the Tycoon project for Arista Records. We drifted apart. I saw Mary once years later, when we were both in line at the Bottom Line. We exchanged pleasantries and moved on.

Few performers get to be iconic symbols of an era in the way that Mary did. She carried that honor and burden with grace and humor. I am proud to have known her and thrilled to have worked with her.


The My Changing Planet CD is mixed and mastered, and will be in production shortly. I am looking forward to this release, as it represents a truly superlative effort from all involved.


Singer/songwriter Marco Joachim is back in the studio making the final push to complete his new CD, "Hidden Symphony". At the moment we are prepping tracks to go to producer/drummer Joe Mardin, who has kindly consented to play drums on the project.


I recently mastered a CD for Ed Alstrom who, among other things, is the organist at Yankee Stadium. Here, he performs a burning set of organ trio tunes entitled "Oofah!". I have to say I have rarely heard a Hammond B3 manhandled with such drive, funk and dexterity.

Recent visitors to Jon Gordon Music have been pleasantly surprised to be greeted by a new face: intern Whitney Faucher. Whitney is an engineering student at IAR. She has been putting in time at JGMP since the summer. We are pleased to have her aboard!


Increasingly, musicians, composers and producers are creating significant parts of their work in home studios, under sometimes less than optimal conditions. Responding to a number of requests in this area, I am now available to instruct and troubleshoot on a private basis. Call or email for availability and scheduling.


We are always interested in new recording projects! We can provide a wide range of audio and music production related services, both creative and technical, and can tailor our approach to your needs. Studio tours, consultations, budget estimates, etc. are available free, on request.

Best regards,



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