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Hi All:

As I write this, it is nearly Thanksgiving.  How time has flown!  Thoughts turn to the holidays and the end of the year, but around here there is still plenty to do!

If we are new to you, Jon Gordon Music Production is a prime provider of audio and music recording and production services.  We can tailor our approach to your needs.  Studio tours, consultations, budget estimates, etc. are available free, on request.  Here is our current news:

COBU, Drury Design Dynamics -  Prerecord for IBM IOD Conference

Producer/Director David Darby of Drury Design Dynamics brought in members of the virtuoso taiko drum ensemble COBU to prerecord music for an IBM IOD Conference.  In the show, the live COBU interacts and plays an intricate choreographed number with their prerecorded selves, who appear on huge video screens above and flanking the stage.

Emmy Laybourne, Jennifer Blood, Lauren Cregor Devine, Matt Dellapina
L to R —Haruna, Yako Miyamoto (COBU), David Darby (Drury), Yuki (COBU).

If you've never seen a COBU performance, it is a fascinating mix of precise drumming and demanding choreography, as the agile performers whirl and leap from drum to drum in tight synchronization. COBU is under the direction of founder Yako Miyamoto, who also appears in Stomp.

Michael Symon Dialog Record for Shooters Post

We recently had the pleasure of recording celebrity chef Michael Symon's dialog for an episode of the Food Network's show "Food Feuds".  Directing, via phone patch, was Nelly Shifman of Shooters Post and Transfer of Philadelphia.

Len Gochman and JGMP Plan Voiceover Studio

Veteran stage and screen actor Len Gochman has truly done it all, from starring opposite Sandy Duncan as Og the Leprechaun in the 1967 Broadway revival of Finian's Rainbow, to recurring roles on Law and Order, and many points in between:  "A Little Night Music", "Don't Drink the Water", "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying", "Somerset" and "Another World", to name a few.

We were honored when Len called us in to consult on converting the study in his Carmel NY home to double as a voiceover studio.  Choosing to take a modular approach, we spec'ed out a modest core system that can be expanded and refined as Len's needs and uses for the setup develop.  We are looking forward to installing the system in the next month or so and getting Len up to speed on it.

Pedro Martinez, Sean McClintock, Backbeat Productions

We recently hosted engineer Sean McClintock, who was mixing live tracks of the incredible Pedro Martinez band for producer Paul Siegel of Backbeat Productions.

Masters, Masters, Masters

We recently completed mastering work for singers Robin Greenstein and Cecilia Kirtland.  Their duo CD "Songs of the Season" recorded and mixed by Mike Nugent, will be out just in time for the holidays, thanks to the speedy work of Oasis.  

An old friend, singer Nanette DeLaune came in with engineer/producer John Allen to master their lovely all-Jobim album.  Among the many fine musicians featured was harmonica virtuoso Rob Paparozzi.

We're also mastering tracks by producer Justin Tracy for artist Steve Bakur.

We recently finalized masters for composer Dan Martin for his show "In My Body",  Tony Barca for "The Breakfast Club Volume 1", James Reams and the Barnstormers "One Foot in the Honky Tonk", Marco Joachim "Hidden Symphonies", and mastered a single, "On Your Way", for Icelandic producer Dadi Birgisson.


Songwriters Jennifer Marks (also of My Changing Planet) and Janice Fitzgerald were in recently to demo a new song,  "Remember When".  On vocals was Wes Hutchinson, whom I had not met previously.  All I can say is watch out for this guy!  He is a great interpreter, with a voice and delivery right in the Train, Bruno Mars vein.

The mysterious investment-banker-turned-videographer, L. McDuff, recorded another of his financial world-oriented You Tube parodies, this time based on the Journey song "Don't Stop Believing".  The song was recast as an overview of technology companies duking it out over mobile apps.  The astonishing vocals were performed by Neal Coomer.  You can view the video, "Don't Stop Competing", by clicking HERE.  Other McDuff videos of note:  "Tech Star" featuring James Lewis (with JG as the voice of Billy Gibbons), and "Mad Avenue Blues" featuring Kevin Osborne.  (BTW: Many thanks to the fabulous Elaine Caswell, who turned us on to Neal Coomer in the first place, thus ending our search for someone who could actually sing the song!)

Eytan Mirsky was in to record his soon to be classic "I Bought Your Broken Teeth on Ebay (Jena's Song)", as well as an acoustic cover of the John Mayer song "The Heart of Life".

Songwriters Annie Dinerman and Arlon Bennett came in with the awesome Margaret Dorn singing and playing piano for their song "Dear Love". 

The multi-talented Anna Bohichik put the finishing touches on her EP length CD for her children's music band "Anna Banana and the Punky Monkeys", now available on CD Baby.  JGMP had the pleasure of tracking, mixing, and mastering the CD entirely on premises.


Our new, upstate Pro Tools-equipped editing suite has been earning it's keep.  With 24/7 access to a Pro Tools rig, it is easier than ever to deliver last minute tweaks and revisions.  A recent example would be the Robin Greenstein/Cecilia Kirtland CD, which made it's holiday release deadline because of our ability to easily deliver last minute revisions over a weekend.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deal diligently and efficiently with the last minute tweaks and fixes that inevitably come up in audio production.  The new room strengthens our hand considerably in this important area.

All This and PayPal too:

For all of you who have asked if we take credit cards, now we do!  As a courtesy to our clients, we now offer the option to bill by Pay Pal Invoice. This means credit card payment can be made worldwide via internet, with no hassles.

Well that brings us to the end of another newsletter.  Have a happy holiday season!

All the best,



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