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Hi All:

It's fall again.  Time to get into gear for the coming season.  But I'm taking a moment to recap what has been a very productive summer! 

If we are new to you, Jon Gordon Music Production is a prime provider of audio and music recording and production services.  We can tailor our approach to your needs. Studio tours, consultations, budget estimates, etc. are available free, on request.ere is our current news:

Whit Stillman, Mark Suozzo — Damsels in Distress

We were very pleased to get a call from composer Mark Suozzo to join the team editing and mixing his current project, a new Whit Stillman film with the working title "Damsels in Distress".  Whit Stillman is best known for his films "Metropolitan", "Barcelona" and "The Last Days of Disco".  Mark composed music for those films as well as "American Splendor" and "The Nanny Diaries".

The tracks we mixed featured a crack rhythm section – Shawn Pelton, drums, Tony Conniff, bass, Larry Saltzman, guitar, and Irwin Fisch, piano, recorded at Avatar, as well as full orchestra on several pieces.

"Damsels in Distress" is slated to close the Venice Film Festival this fall, and has an international distribution deal with Sony.

mark Suozzo Whit Stillman
Composer Mark Suozzo, Director Whit Stillman

Ronnie Lawson Productions — Forest Pharmaceuticals

Another major job of the past summer was doing prerecords and stem mixes for Ronnie Lawson Productions for a Forest product launch.  Among musicians on the dates were Larry Saltzman, guitar, Andy Snitzer multi saxes, as well as singer Steve Conte and the fabulous vocal group pictured below, Kevin Osborne, Ada DyerVaneese Thomas and Nicki Richards.  Additionally there were orchestral arrangements and elements by Irwin Fisch.

Kevin Osborne, Ada Dyer, Vaneese Thomas, Ronnie Lawson, Nicki Richards
Back L to R: Kevin Osborne, Ada Dyer, Vaneese Thomas, Ronnie Lawson. Front: Nicki Richards

Kay Story

We are pleased to announce the release of singer/songwriter Kay Story's  first CD; "Little By Little".  It features production work by JGMP, Damon Lascot and Chris Hajian, and was mastered here at JGMP.  It was only last newsletter we were extolling her smoky alto.  Now you can hear it for yourself on iTunes!

Kay Story
Singer/songwriter Kay Story


Once again we are hard at work on new production music for Killer Tracks/Universal.  We finished our series of children's animation pieces, and are now doing contemporary pop.


We just got production copies of Eugene Benjamin's CD  "Martha Avenue" which we mastered for producer Lincoln Schliefer (Larry John McNally, Lisa Lowell, The Brilliant Mistakes, Charles Lyonhart).  It is a solid and heartfelt set of tuneful Americana.  Eugene's voice is pitch-perfect for the material, soulfully understated, yet expressive.

We did some preliminary mastering work for "Wool & Grant" a duo project of singer/songwriters Ina May Wool and Bev Grant.  Produced and engineered by Daniel A. Weiss and featuring some heavy sidemen, including bassist Tony Levin, the songs and production have the simplicity, heart and power of two masters doing what they do best.  We're looking forward to finishing this one!


Singer/composer Susan Davis has commenced work on a CD of music from her show "Bad Advice". JGMP is providing musical arrangements and engineering services.  Work continues with singer/songwriter Karen Gentilin on a new CD.  We were pleased to see our old friend Susan Palmer Marshall the other day, doing a spot-on impression of Petula Clark for one of Terry Kawaja's video parodies.

We are pleased to welcome 1984 Industries, a songwriting/production team affiliated with Warner Chappell, who will be using the JGMP studio space for many of their projects.

Justin Gordon

Some of you may know that my late uncle Justin Gordon was a very active session multi-reed player in Los Angeles from the post WWII period into the 1980's.  His professional career literally started in silent movie theatres, and he went on to work with the likes of Frank Sinatra and Elvis.  I was recently in touch with Wrecking Crew bassist Carol Kaye, who remembered my uncle well and urged me to write a piece on him.  So I did.  You can read it on my blog.

That's all for now!

All the best,



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