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Welcome to the first edition of our online newsletter. We would like to specially thank our friend Michael Abram, webmaster extraordinaire, for getting our website going!

We recently upgraded to Pro Tools version 5.1.1. Having had some time to get up to speed, we have to say that this is no mere incremental enhancement; this is one powerful upgrade! Projects have been going faster and smoother than ever. Once again our hats are off to the guys at Digidesign, who are really working hard to get it right!

Time and technology are marching on rapidly, and so we must, too. In the next few months, expect us to be adding digital video capability. This will drastically enhance the process of doing any scoring or sound design to picture, by utilizing Pro Tools' integrated Quicktime movie support.

We are also seriously eyeballing the new Pro Tools HD system, which features totally revamped hardware and TDM architecture, permitting 128 simultaneous 24 bit tracks at sampling rates up to 192 KHz!

As always, our aim is to furnish fully professional quality audio services at reasonable prices.


Ronnie Lawson Productions continues to come in with their industrial prerecord sessions.

Singer/guitarist Alex Dorsch of the West Coast-based group Learned Hand was in over the holidays to do extensive vocal and guitar overdubs and mixes for Learned Hand's as yet untitled CD.

Poet Vicki Hudspith and percussionist Daniel Freedman were in to cut, mix and master 10 tracks for a new, expanded version of Vicki's CD "Urban Voodoo".

Singer/songwriter Larry John McNally has been editing and archiving an impressive new catalog of songs. Possibly he has a new record in mind?

Recent mastering projects include The Lemon Juice Quartet for Piadrum records and several tracks for session singer Jaime Babbitt's impending release. We also mastered several tracks for an exciting new Spanish artist, Rebeca Vallejo.

Singers Deb Lyons and Julie Grower each came in to do updated demo reels, while Diva Extraordinaire Brenda Bergman was in to spiff up her performance tracks.

Veteran tunesmith Sarah Nagourney has been coming by regularly to do vocals, guitars and mixes with her various collaborators, notably session ace P. J. Lequerica.

Well, that's all for now.

We will be updating this page regularly.

Best to all,


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