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Hi All:

Tentatively Happy Spring! I am writing this on April 10th. Hopefully, we are done with snowstorms for a while!


April finds us hard at work on the music beds for My Changing Planet. This children's CD is designed to inform and raise awareness of environmental issues. It is being done by in conjunction with The Nature Conservancy, which will receive all net profit from the CD. The principal songwriters are Jennifer Marks and Jessica Hoffman, with additional spoken word pieces by Maya Churi. I am functioning as arranger, sound designer, multi-instrumentalist and producer/engineer.

Various celebrities are being invited to perform the songs. We were thrilled to have Joan Osborne take time from her busy schedule to come in and record a vocal. Also, actor Noah Emmerich delivered a memorable performance in one of the spoken pieces.

Sheri Turnbow (TNC), Maya Churi, Jennifer Marks (MCP), Joan Osborne, Jessica Hoffmann (MCP),
Julie Insogna (Oxygen), and JG. Session for My Changing Planet.


Singer extraordinaire Catherine Russell came in with her producer's hat on, and her multi-talented mother, Carline Ray, in tow, accompanied by guitarist Greg Skaff. We are recording Carline for an as yet unnamed future release.

Producer Janie Barnett is putting the final touches on the master for singer/songwriter Allison Scola's upcoming CD, "A Braver Kind".

We were very pleased to have ur-guitar wiz Jon Herington (Steely Dan, etc) come in to record some tracks for JGMP regular Ronnie Lawson. In addition to Herington, Ronnie regularly brings in his stellar "wrecking crew" of singers and musicians, notably Elaine Caswell, Michelle Weeks, Nicki Richards, Jill Gioia, Freedom Bremner, Larry Saltzman, John Putnam, Andy Snitzer and Aaron Heick.

I would also like to take a moment to plug one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Eytan Mirsky. Eytan has a knack for placing his songs in films (Happiness, American Splendor, Palindromes, and The Tao of Steve, to name a few). I first met him by way of mastering his second CD; "Get Ready for Eytan". That relationship blossomed into recording, playing and assuming various production roles on his subsequent two CD's "Was it Something I Said?" and "Everyone's Having Fun Tonight". He has a keen sense of humor and irony that permeates his writing. Well worth checking out.

Recently we heard from Michelangelo Sosnowitz, leader of the group Rabbits Against Magic. The Rabbits' first CD "Daylight" was mixed, produced, mastered, and partially recorded here. It contains some great songs and truly ferocious performances. Mike reports the following: "Since completing the 'Daylight' CD, we have signed a management deal with Nightlife Productions, a National distribution deal with C.E.D. Entertainment, and FREEPLAY Music has signed five of the songs off the album for publishing, as well as a publishing deal with Pump Audio."

Amy Lennard's upcoming CD, largely recorded here, is now being mastered at Sterling Sound, by Greg Calbi.

Marco Joachim reports that his CD "Songville" is starting to receive local airplay. "Songville," recorded and mixed here, features Marco's luminous singing and playing, some well-placed banjo and fiddle from Pete Schwimmer, and a lot of my own playing as well.


Our recent upgrade to Pro Tools 7.4 is definitely earning it's keep! The "elastic time" feature, digispeak for extremely enhanced timestretching capabilities, is proving very handy indeed. We are also adding Celemony Melodyne and B.I.A.S. Peak Pro 6.0 to our software toolkit. Peak Pro, a mastering tool, is notable for its ability to verify audio CD burns and deliver DDP file sets. Melodyne is a pitch correction program that offers some very interesting and complementary features to our old standby Antares Autotune. We are also standardizing around "Green Tunes" special mastering CD-R media for duplicating masters. Since doing so, certain master reliability issues have virtually gone away.


We are always interested in new recording projects! We can provide a wide range of music production related services, both creative and technical, and can tailor our approach to your needs. Studio tours, consultations, budget estimates, etc. are available free, on request.

Hope to see you soon!

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