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Hi All:

As I write this, it is not quite April Fools Day. It's been a long winter. Up where I live, we have a new deity: Chris the Snowplow Guy. But hopefully we won't be seeing him for a few months. Here's our latest news:


I've wanted to do a feature on Ronnie for awhile now. Ronnie Lawson is one of the premier composers contractors and bandleaders specializing in music for Industrial shows. I have been very pleased to be doing most of his pre-records, pitch tracks and music mixes for several years now. We kicked off 2009 with pre-records for the Forest Labs "Savella" launch. This show was big even by industrial standards, featuring Ronnie at a grand piano, the incredible Michelle Weeks singing lead, the Voices of Fulfillment Choir, a 40 piece orchestra (members of the San Diego Symphony) and rhythm section (members of the Eve Selis Band), conducted by the reknowned Irwin Fisch, who also wrote the orchestrations.

In the studio, we recorded basic tracks, acoustic and electric guitars by studio stalwart Larry Saltzman, and an absolutely stellar vocal group consisting of Michelle Weeks (who also sang leads), Ada Dyer and Billy Porter.

Billy Porter, Ada Dyer, Michelle Weeks


Some months ago we recorded drummer Larry Eagle, late of the Bruce Springsteen Seeger Sessions Band, for a CD by Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could. Producing was ace keyboardist Seth Farber. Brady writes and performs children's music, but with a definite kick to it. We were extremely pleased to learn that the CD was recently nominated for a Grammy for Best Children's Musical Album!


I have recently started a new line of service- giving classes in basic recording techniques. These are short, focused classes, geared to songwriters and artists looking to improve their home recording skills:

The first class to run was the Basics of Recording Lead Vocals. In this class, we go through the actual process of recording, comping and mixing a lead vocal, with the expert help of session singer Janie Barnett.

As more classes become available I will be emailing around. I have also created a separate email list for class-related emails, so if you wish to continue to receive only newsletters, you can opt out of the class mailings separately. Just let me know!


Increasingly, musicians, composers and producers are creating significant parts of their work in home studios, under sometimes less than optimal conditions. Responding to a number of requests in this area, I am now available to instruct and troubleshoot on a private basis. Call or email for availability and scheduling.


Before Bon Jovi rode a steel horse. Before Madonna put on a cowboy hat for no discernible reason, there was a band called Range War. The brainchild of Reckless Dan Snyder, they roamed the canyons of New York, from CBGB to the China Club, making loud irreverent Metal Billy music. Many guitar and drumslingers passed through their ranks, myself included, screeching through songs like "Reckless Son", "Radio Texas" and the white hot "Manufactured Love". It was Dave Edmunds on steroids, folks. Producer Billy Straus valiantly recorded an EP with Range War that faithfully captured their raw power. But then they disappeared.

Anyway, Range War is baaaaack! Check out their MySpace Page. Plus, Dan, guitarist Kirk Brewster, vocalist Deb O'Nair, and myself just collaborated, chez Gordon, to record a new song, "Before I Die". Could there be a new Range War album in the works? Remember you heard it here first!


Fiddler Bill Christophersen, whose CD "Hell and High Water", I mastered last year, is in his second printing of that estimable CD. He is also collaborating here with guitarist/mandolinist/banjoist John Saroyan on an ongoing project.

I recently had the pleasure of mastering "Music for Irish Dancing" by the husband and wife, accordion and fiddle duo of Chris and Michelle McLoughlin. Recorded and mixed by John Walsh, it is a masterful set of traditional Irish tunes. It is to be released just in time for the World Irish Dancing Championships, 2009, where Chris and Michelle will be featured performers.

In mid-April, we are expecting James Reams and the Barnstormers. We will will be taking over Shelter Island Studios to begin tracking James' next CD. James Reams, to those of you who have not had the pleasure, is a fine purveyor of bluegrass music, with great heart and humor. Augmenting his usual lineup will be star fiddler Kenny Kosek.


Paradoxal Productions brought in Aaron Deney, cosmetic designer for Lancôme, to record a 2 hour interview on Lancôme's Fall Line. So now I know all about it, (including which model showed up to the shoot with an unexpected tan!) but of course, I'll never tell!

My Changing Planet is returning to finalize vocals and mix their long-awaited CD. More on this as it develops.


Last time we asked you for anagrams of the word PIRATES. Honorable mention goes to Barbara Zucker-Pinchoff who quickly turned in a long list of partial anagrams. However, the prize for true anagrams (all letters reused exactly once) goes unclaimed. Our list:


"Praties" which is Irish slang for potatoes, is not in most dictionaries, but it is found in many Irish folk songs. Since this is my column, I'm allowing it!

Pun My Word: That lowly form of humor, the pun, recently enjoyed a well-deserved plug on the New York Times Op-Ed page, quoting punners all the way back to Shakespeare. I will be pleased to accept submissions of puns and will publish what I consider to be the top three next time. FAIR WARNING: If you, the readership, do not come up with some puns, you will be stuck reading my own, which tend to be along the lines of "People who live in grass houses shouldn't stow thrones." I advise you to leave no tern unstoned.


We are always interested in new recording projects! We can provide a wide range of audio and music production related services, both creative and technical, and can tailor our approach to your needs. Studio tours, consultations, budget estimates, etc. are available free, on request.

Best regards,



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