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Hi All:

It is so nice to have a pleasant season to talk about for a change!  Up where we live, there's been a steady progression of spring flowers, the lilacs being the most recent ones to put in an appearance, after snowdrops, daffodils, tulips, et al.

If we are new to you, Jon Gordon Music Production is a prime provider of audio and music recording and production services.  We can tailor our approach to your needs.  Studio tours, consultations, budget estimates, etc. are available free, on request.  Here is our current news:

Julie Gold, Emily Bindiger — Love is Love is Love

One of the distinct pleasures of the last few months was mastering singer/songwriter Julie Gold's new CD "Love is Love is Love".  Julie is best known for her song "From a Distance," but has produced an engaging and diverse body of work.  Producer Emily Bindiger is widely known as a singer's singer, with a resume most would kill for (check the link!)  In recent years, Emily has been rounding out that resume with a number of production projects, of which this is the latest.  Emily brought in a wide array of talent to work on the CD including:  Emily herself, Margaret DornDiane Garristo, Engineer/instrumentalist/Arranger Jim Gately, Brian Koonin, Martha Mooke and Robbie Kondor.

We were lucky enough to attend the release party, a sold out show at the Metropolitan Room.  Julie, the quintessential show biz raconteur, was in rare form, regaling a star-studded and adoring audience with songs, jokes, anecdotes and the odd mechanical teddy bear. 

Sadly, our camera ran out of juice when Julie was at the studio, but Emily was kind enough to give us a shot.

Emmy Laybourne, Jennifer Blood, Lauren Cregor Devine, Matt Dellapina
Producer Emily Bindiger at Julie Gold mastering session

Catherine Russell, Akua Dixon for Carlene Ray

Speaking of singer's singers, Catherine Russell is another prime example.  She lists David Bowie, Jackson Browne and Steely Dan among her regular employers, as well as being a recording artist in her own right on  World Village Music.  In recent years she has been taking time off, on those rare occasions when she can find it, to produce a CD for singer/bassist Carlene Ray.  It is quite literally a labor of love: Carlene is Catherine's mom.  JGMP is proud to be the studio of choice for some duo recordings of Carlene with guitarist Greg Skaff.  Last week Catherine returned with cellist Akua Dixon, who added her own deft touch to the songs, including a great solo on Carlene's moving take of Thad Jones' "A Child Is Born".

Emmy Laybourne, Jennifer Blood, Lauren Cregor Devine, Matt Dellapina
Cellist Akua Dixon, Producer Catherine Russell, session for Carlene Ray

Kay Story — A New Face

In recent months we have been working with singer/songwriter Kay Story, developing material for an as-yet-untitled album project.  With an engaging country alto that can crank it up to a surprising smoky intensity, Kay promises to be a force to be reckoned with.   Thanks is due to my old friend, Nashville-based guitarist/producer Damon Lascot, another collaborator of Kay's, who suggested that we try working together.

Kay Story
Singer/songwriter Kay Story

Robert Gordon — Mick Hanson

We were thrilled when producer Mick Hanson brought in veteran rockabilly singer Robert Gordon to cut vocals on a project.  Robert Gordon, who had a hit record with his cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Fire", has been tearing it up for more years than I care to count.  His band has featured such legendary sidemen as Tony Garnier (bass  w/ Asleep at The Wheel, Bob Dylan), and guitarists Link Wray, Chris Spedding, Danny Gatton and Duke Robillard (Roomful of Blues).

Although less active in recent years, Gordon is still recording with Chris Spedding (he gave us a sneak preview of a current project.)  In excellent form, using his own pair of circa 1950's headphones for monitoring, Robert cranked out a mess of rockabilly and country as only he can sing it.

Meredith LeVande — Monkey Monkey Music

Meredith LeVande was recently in to track her crack rhythm section, drummer Barbara Merjan and bassist Yuka Tadano, for a new Monkey Monkey Music release.  These ladies laid down a serious groove on Meredith's charming and eclectic children's songs, which draw from a variety of folk, rock, funk and jazz influences.  We are currently wrapping up guitar overdubs, and expect to be mixing in the near future.


We are currently hard at work on a new production music commission for Killer Tracks/Universal. This time out it's music for animation, always an interesting challenge.  We also recently found out that one of our current catalog of pieces was used on Letterman — Thanks, Dave!


Singer/pianist John Korba recently came in to finalize the master his latest CD "In The Muse", an eclectic and adventurous set of jazz and pop covers.  Among the many fine players on the CD are drummer Warren Odze, guitarist George Naha and chromatic harp player Rob Papparozzi.

Producer Lincoln Schliefer (Larry John McNally, Lisa Lowell, The Brilliant Mistakes, Charles Lyonhart) came in to master an engaging EP length CD for new artist Eugene Benjamin.  It is always a pleasure to work with Lincoln's mixes, which are impeccable.

Pianist/singer/composer Andy Monroe (composer "The Kid") was recently in to master "Songs for a Winter Night" a compilation of winter songs he has been recording annually for over 15 years.  In the past JGMP has had the pleasure of assisting with the arranging and recording of several of these pieces. The job was an interesting challenge, as it involved assembling recordings done in many different studios over a long period of time.  All told, both artist and engineer are quite pleased with the results.

Guitarist/producer John Walsh was in to master "While Yer Up", a rollicking album of traditional and original songs by his band Jameson's Revenge.  It is our second time out with Jameson's, as well as having mastered a slew of traditional Irish music CD's for John (highly recommended: fiddler Grainne Murphy's CD "Short Stories").  "While Yer Up" finds the band in fine form, lending an effortless virtuosity and a genre-bending fire to their not-quite-traditional Irish repertoire.

Anna Bohichik and the Anna Banana Band just released their self-titled CD, an expanded version of last year's EP.  The project was recorded, mixed and mastered here.


Singer/songwriter Karen Gentilin has commenced work on a new CD.  Singer Nancy Sirianni mixed her version of Paul McCartney's "Calico Sky" for inclusion on a compilation CD.  Songwriters  Jennifer Marksand Jenny Bruce came in to record a demo of their song "Wild One".  Singer/songwriter Annie Dinerman demoed a few new songs and remastered a previous CD into Enhanced CD format for a special event.

And that's a wrap for now!

All the best,



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