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Hi All:

Summer is well underway as I write this. Up in Putnam County where I live, we've had cool nights and warm but not overly scorching days. Down in NYC the work goes on:


We are in the last phases of mixing and mastering the My Changing Planet CD. This is a collection of songs and spoken word pieces that stimulate awareness of ecological issues for young people. It will be released in conjunction with The Nature Conservancy, which will receive all profits from the CD.

The material is penned variously by Jessica Hoffman, Jennifer Marks and Maya Churi, plus a guest skit "Paper or Plastic", by Emmy Laybourne. Many guest artists have kindly donated their time and talent. A partial list: Joan Osborne, Noah Emmerich, Edie Carey, Toby Lightman, Lucy Woodward, Everett Bradley, Martha Burn, Teddy Goldstein, Rachael Sage, Nadia Ackerman and The Wiyos.

JGMP has been involved in the project nearly from the beginning, and has functioned as principal studio and engineer, as well as writing and executing most of the musical arrangements (hats off to the Wiyos for their own unique interpretation of "Gas Guzzling Blues".)

We expect to complete a final master by late summer.

Front: The Wiyos - Back: Jennifer Marks and Jessica Hoffman of My Changing Planet


We were pleased to play host once again to Hudson Music LLC, engineer Sean McClintock and renowned drummer Keith Carlock (currently touring with Steely Dan). They were in to mix music for a forthcoming instructional DVD. Keith is thoroughly burning throughout! Also featured in the musical examples is some amazing playing by guitarist Wayne Krantz.

Paul Siegel (Hudson Music), Sean McClintock, Keith Carlock


The Manhattan Valley Ramblers is a collaboration of fiddler/guitarist Bill Christophersen, and guitarist/mandolinist/banjoist John Saroyan. They are strong interpreters of the old-time and bluegrass repertoire, and are making regular appearances at venues and salon concerts around town. JGMP has had the pleasure of recording them over the past few months. We are now putting the finishing touches on "Ballads and Barnburners", the resulting CD of duets. There is a nice balance of vocal numbers and fiddle tunes, and as always, a scintillating selection of lesser known, but great material!


James Reams and the Barnstormers
tracked about a third of their as yet untitled CD in one marathon session at Shelter Island Studios. Kentucky-born, Reams' voice has an authoritative twang that manages to be plaintive and drily humorous at the same time. In addition to Jim, the band features mandolinist Mark Farrell, bassist Nick Sullivan, banjoist Doug Nicolaisen and special guest fiddler Kenny Kosek. Most recently James and I did mixes from the first session, and are in the planning stages to come back and complete the CD.


Kevin Osborne, singer-mimic extraordinaire, recorded a spot-on impression of Don McLean in "Mad Ave Blues", a light-hearted parody about the death of the media. It has gotten over 125,000 plays on YouTube and been reviewed by the Wall Street Journal. The mastermind behind Mad Ave Blues is the mysterious L. McDuff, rumored to be an investment banker by day.


Recently we were very pleased to have cellist Jeanne LeBlanc and violinist Antoine Silverman in to record string parts for the upcoming Marco Joachim CD "Hidden Symphony".

Paradoxal Productions and producer Antoine Manceaux came in to do voiceovers and a soundtrack mix for "Made In Obama", a segment for French TV news, featuring tele-journalist Laura Haim.

Artist Charles Lyonhart and producer Julie Last are in the process of mastering Charles latest CD "Outside Looking In".

Annie Dinerman was by recently to drop off copies of her new CD "Broken Cookies", which was mastered at JGMP and recorded and produced by Steve Addabbo at Shelter Island Sound.

We also recently completed mastering CDs for singer/songwriter Johnny Jake; his self-produced and aptly titled "Everything's Jake", and for Mattie and Deirdre Connolly, performing a lovely set of traditional Irish music, recorded and mixed by John Walsh.

Actor/singer George Sanders and composer Bobby Peaco were in to record music cues for an as yet unreleased Sneaky Snake movie. To those of you not already in the know, Sneaky Snake has the distinction of being the most critically acclaimed sock puppet since Lambchop. Sneaky is the creation of Sanders and actor Shawn Curran. The latest adventure is an elaborate romp that involves stowing away to Canada, Celine Dion, same-sex marriage, and of course medical marijuana.


Increasingly, musicians, composers and producers are creating significant parts of their work in home studios, under sometimes less than optimal conditions. Responding to a number of requests in this area, I am now available to instruct and troubleshoot on a private basis. Call or email for availability and scheduling.


Recently we installed Sibelius Pro 6.0 on our working computers. This powerful notation software interfaces closely with Pro Tools and can generate high quality, printer ready scores and parts. Look for increased scoring/copying capability as this powerful tool is integrated into our system.

Other software of note is Source-Live, an RTAS plug-in which allows us to webcast our sessions live to a central server where they can be remotely monitored via internet. It has proved invaluable in situations where one or more of the producers is in a remote location.


Last time I threatened to provide my own puns if nobody submitted any. And for a very long time, nobody did. But at the very last minute, Dave Boonshoft of Aguilar Amplification told me the following joke:

Q. What was the depressed autograph seeker doing on the set of Bonanza?

A. Looking for Lorne.

So I thought that you had been spared one of my puns, until Dave informed me that he had first heard the joke 20 years ago, from me.

SILLY WORD CONTESTS — The End of a Nanosecond

After much soul searching, the editorial staff has decreed that the silly word contests are going back to the drawing board for the moment, and For Nerds Only will resume it's original purpose of relating actual nerdy news.


We are always interested in new recording projects! We can provide a wide range of audio and music production related services, both creative and technical, and can tailor our approach to your needs. Studio tours, consultations, budget estimates, etc. are available free, on request.

Best regards,


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