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Hi All:

As I write this we are getting a slight break from the latest heat wave.  Summer is a great time to relax, but you wouldn't know it around JGMP.  Our summer has been buzzing!  Here is the current news:

Emmy Laybourne, Lauren Cregor Devine - cast recording

Writer/Director Emmy Laybourne and Composer Lauren Cregor Devine have been tracking and mixing a cast recording of their new musical "Starbucks Tuesday, 2:17 PM", which they composed for the BMI Musical Theatre Workshop.

Emmy Laybourne, Jennifer Blood, Lauren Cregor Devine, Matt Dellapina
L to R —Emmy Laybourne, Jennifer Blood, Lauren Cregor Devine, Matt Dellapina.

Appearing in the recording are: Jennifer Blood as Anne and  Matt Dellapina as Todd. Also appearing are: Lucy Avery Brooke as Hekate, Ladonna Burns as Appolonia, Patrick Gallagher as Orestes, Kevin Hammonds as Phelix, and Beverly Ward as Gaia.  The piano score and the barista were both expertly played by Lauren Cregor Devine.
Emmy Laybourne has appeared in films opposite Molly Shannon, Will Ferrel, Michael Douglas, Albert Brooks and John Travolta.  Now she is a screenwriter specializing in children’s film and television and has just sold her first novel, MONUMENT 14, to Macmillan. It will be published in the Fall of 2011.


We recently opened a second room, a Digi Pro Tools/ADAM A7-equipped writing/editing suite in our home upstate.  This has allowed us to streamline our workflow considerably.  Various key jobs, like long file downloads, file and score prep, audio editing and MIDI programming can now be done at either location on an as-needed basis, so that when projects move into our main Chelsea room, the time can be used most effectively.  It also allows internet delivery jobs to be turned around very quickly, as we are never far from a functional Pro Tools rig!


Do you need your singers to sound in tune, but not auto-tuned to death?  Did you just cut your entire song in the wrong key?  Does your track need to be regrooved, or your drums sounds just aren't making it?  Did the fiddler pack up and leave behind some shaky double stops?  Do you need to do complex multitrack edits where there was no click reference on any of the takes?  All that and more has happened to my clients in just the last month, and I fixed it all!

Years of producing, engineering, editing and mixing in the digital realm have left me with a comprehensive set of skills and tools for doing the "impossible" edits and fixes, and making them sound utterly convincing.  With web-based delivery tools you can send me your "problem" tracks and get them back within hours, if not minutes.  So next time you have a digital headache, JGMP just might have the prescription!


For all of you who have asked if we take credit cards, now we do!  As a courtesy to our clients, we now offer the option to bill by Pay Pal Invoice. This means credit card payment can be made worldwide via internet, with no hassles.


JGMP stalwart George Sanders sent the following for immediate release:

Multiple MAC winner, pianist and composer Bobby Peaco scores big!  The original music and songs composed and orchestrated by Bobby Peaco for George Sanders' and Shawn Curran's latest award-winning Sneaky Snake short-film adventure, "Sneaky Business," received "The Silver Medal of Excellence" from The Park City Film Music Festival in Park City, Utah.  Additionally, the film just received a distribution deal from Ouat Media at The Palm Springs International ShortFest, in Palm Springs, CA. 

The film features dozens of Don't Tell Mama's piano-bar staff who appear as cast members and sing Bobby's off-the-wall parody of "Oh, Canada!" as well as George Sanders singing the title tune, "Sneaky Business," composed by Mr. Peaco.  Bobby also composed and orchestrated the incidental music for this mad-cap romp about stowaways sneaking into Canada, using Warner Brothers cartoons as inspiration.   The score was recorded and mixed by Jon Gordon at Jon Gordon Music Production.  

David Finkelstein records "Two Fauns Meet in a Wood"

Filmmaker David Finkelstein recorded and mixed the score for his film in progress (working title "Two Fauns Meet in a Wood").  The neoclassical score, for 14 person chorus with harp and vibraphone, was composed  by Randall Wong.  The chorus was C4: the Choral Composer/Conductor Collective, under the direction of David Rentz.  Support was provided by keyboardists Christian Smythe and Phillip Cheah, who rendered the instrumental parts using electronic samples.

To call the music challenging would be a major understatement.  The mostly choral work constantly played merry, dissonant tricks on conventional notions of tonality, metric and rhythmic structure.  Fortunately the ensemble and the conductor Mr. Rentz were entirely up to the task, and did a great reading of the score in record time.

Basic tracking was done at Shelter Island Sound, engineered by myself, with expert assistance from owner/engineer Steve Addabbo and staff.  The edits and mixes were subsequently done by me and David at JGMP.  Many thanks to David and his sharp eye on the score!

The Return of James Reams and the Barnstormers

James Reams and the Barnstormers are on the home stretch to finish the fine bluegrass album they started last year.  In addition to James and his regular band members, Mark Farrell, Nick Sullivan and Doug Nicolaison, there have been special guest appearances by fiddler Kenny Kosek and mandolinist Barry Mitterhoff.  James is coming back into Shelter Island in mid-August, with Kenny Kosek in tow, to track the rest of their album.  Then we will finish up the mixing and mastering at JGMP.


Composer Andy Monroe (The Kid) dropped by early this year to record a winter song, as he has been doing for many years.  We also began a project to restore and update his sizable archive of work.  

Singer/guitarist Tony Barca, an old comrade from Mindy and the Cyclone Ranger days, has been mixing his new, as-yet-untitled CD here. 

Songwriters Jennifer Marks (also of My Changing Planet) and Janice Fitzgerald were in recently to demo a song, a lovely ballad called "Dandelions"

Singer/Songwriter Ellen Randall has recently begun work recording song sketches, with an eye to compiling songs for a new release.

Traditional Irish fiddler Gráinne Murphy mastered her CD "Short Stories" here.  Recorded and produced by John Walsh, it is a gorgeous set of fiddles tunes with stellar accompaniment on a variety of traditional instruments.  Gráinne has an easy and soulful mastery of her instrument that goes well beyond virtuosity.  If you like traditional Celtic music, I urge you to check this one out!

Singer Tatiana "Tacji" Cameron took a moment out of her busy tour schedule to drop by and record a vocal for "Dell'aurora" a lovely Italian song.  Many thanks to Francesca Nastasi who provided expert pronunciation coaching!

Eytan Mirsky, reknowned balladeer of retro angst and disaffection, has been in recently recording songs in an entirely different vein.  Who knows where it will lead?  But while you and the rest of the world are waiting to find out, I can highly recommend his previous studio albums, especially the most recent "Everyone's Having Fun Tonight".  It's a classic!

Veteran NYC area singer Sherryl Marshall was in to master her Ivan Bodley produced album "Black Cohosh".

Deborah Berg McCarthy, singer/songwriter (and frequent collaborator of Sherryl's) came in to record her song "Feel Free to Shine".

Icelandic producer Dadi Birgisson has been sending in mastering projects over the web, including the singles "You and Me" by Arnar Jonsson and "Feel Good" by Morning After Youth.

Producer/Guitarist extraordinaire Jon Sholle brought in his latest project for mastering, an unabashedly old-timey romp by singer Gene Matusow, featuring some very hot pickin' by Jon and others.

Children's artist Meredith LeVande came in to mix and master her latest CD release "What Are The Odds?".

Songwriter Nicholas Hammond recorded a female ballad version of his song "In the Arms of Love" featuring the lovely Tabitha Fair blowing the doors off the vocal.

Songwriters Annie Dinerman and Arlon Bennett recently brought in singer Catherine Russell to record a smoking vocal on their song "My Goodness". 

Songwriter Elisa Rae Bartone came in recently to record a demo of her song "Flyaway Heart", with the awesome Margaret Dorn doing the honors as lead vocalist.

Singer/songwriter/instrumentalist Brian McNeese did final mix tweaks and mastered his CD "The Late Bloomer", which has been several years in the making.  Quite a milestone for a guy who won his first session at JGMP at Manhattan's PS 40 Raffle!


We are always interested in new recording projects!  We can provide a wide range of audio and music production related services, both creative and technical, and can tailor our approach to your needs. Studio tours, consultations, budget estimates, etc. are available free, on request. Don't forget to ask about our cost-effective intro packages!

Best regards,



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