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Hi All:

Christmas Eve 2011: I want to take a moment to thank all of you who have brought in your business and support. Thanks to you we've had a year that truly surpassed all expectations!

If we are new to you, Jon Gordon Music Production is a prime provider of audio and music recording and production services. We can tailor our approach to your needs. Studio tours, consultations, budget estimates, etc. are available free, on request.

Our current news is below, followed by highlights from 2011:

Ronnie Lawson Productions—Actelion Show

We have just wrapped prerecords and stem mixes for Ronnie Lawson Productions for an Actelion Pharmaceuticals show to occur early next year. Performers on the dates included the incomparable Billy Porter, Ada Dyer and Nicki Richards. Also, new to JGMP, though hardly new to most of you, the amazing singer Russell Velazquez (Pokemon, Sesame Street) came in and totally laid down the law, LMFAO-style!

mark Suozzo Whit Stillman
Russell Velazquez and Ronnie Lawson


We have just delivered final mixes for a Killer Tracks/Universal CD of contemporary pop tracks.  This is our first project for Killer as sole music producer.  In addition to our own compositions and instrumental work, the disc features several collaborations with singer/songwriter Kay Story and some great pop vocal performances by Wes Hutchinson


Preproduction work continues for a new Amy Lennard CD.  Production is in process for a new Meg Flather CD.  Eytan Mirsky and Brian McNeese continue to record and compile songs for future releases.

Completed remastering/restoration for Tony Barca on "The Crescent 5" 1965 single.  Eugene Benjamin, whose CD  "Martha Avenue" was mastered here, reports that it has sold out and has been reordered.

Marco Joachim writes in with the following review of his JGMP produced CD "Hidden Symphonies": 

Mike Baron’s Top Ten Of ’11 [Posted on 07 December 2011]

TOP TEN  ’11

One:  Marco JoachimHidden Symphonies.  Hidden Symphonies is a pop masterpiece that achieves a Sgt. Pepper-like grandeur through constant melodic and textural invention.  "Gramercy Park" is as memorable as anything the Beatles achieved in later years.  "Cellophane Sue" is an obvious goof on "Polythene Pam" and a solid hit in its own right.  Marco is immeasurably aided by producer/guitarist Jon Gordon whose epic guitar is all over these tracks.


• Film:

"Damsels in Distress"  Director:  Whit Stillman, Composer: Mark Suozzo, Distribution:  Sony,  JGMP:  music mixes

• Artist Production/Recording/Mastering:

"Little By Little" Kay Story
"Innocent" Karen Gentilin
"Anna Banana Band" Anna Bohichik
"The Late Bloomer" Brian McNeese

• Mastering:

"Love Is Love Is Love" Julie Gold  
"Martha Avenue" Eugene Benjamin
"Songs for a Winter Night" Andy Monroe  
"In The Muse" John Korba 
"While Yer Up" Jameson's Revenge 
"Moving On" Harold Jeanpierre 

• Broadcast Production Music:

Composed, recorded and licensed:  Total of 25 titles to Killer Tracks/Universal and Freeplay Music

• Video/TV:

"Women of a Certain Age" Sound track remix
"Nutri-Friends" Composed/recorded music score

• Misc:

Karen Rodriguez, JGMP client, becomes a popular contestant on American Idol.
Recording sessions for Carlene Ray CD, produced by  Catherine Russell.

And that's a wrap for 2011.  Hope to see you next year!

Happy Holidays,



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