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Hi All:

It's mid-February and I would love for the weather to make up its mind already. One minute we're shoveling the driveway, and the next everything is melting. Mostly I would like it to be Spring. Meanwhile, things are chugging along at JGMP, and it's high time to get a newsletter out!

Jon Gordon Music Production is a prime provider of audio and music recording and production services. We can tailor our approach to your needs. Studio tours, consultations, budget estimates, etc. are available free, on request. Here is our current news:

Alan Merrill - "Songer Singwriter"

Over last December, I had the pleasure of working with veteran rocker Alan Merrill. Alan is best known as the writer of "I Love Rock'n'Roll", the signature hit for Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. However Alan's long resume includes his own star turns with The Arrows  and Runner in England and Vodka Collins in Japan, as well as sideman stints with Meatloaf and Rick Derringer. His songs have been covered by such diverse artists as Britney Spears and Lou Rawls.

Alan Merrill
Alan Merrill at JGMP

In the studio, Alan is a multiple threat, the epitome of tireless enthusiasm. We completed the album in approximately one month. Songer Singwriter includes 11 tracks recorded from scratch, plus another 7 bonus tracks of alternate mixes and rarities lovingly remastered and reworked from previous recordings. While Alan handled most of the vocal and instrumental chores himself, also on tap were renowned drummer Steve Holley (Joe Cocker, Wings, Ian Hunter), bassist/vocalist Amy Madden (Alan Merrill trio, Jon Paris Band, John Lee Hooker) and singer Jan Tilley. I even got to contribute a few licks here and there on electric and acoustic guitars and lap steel. Great fun all the way around!


We just completed pre-records and mixes for another major industrial show for Ronnie Lawson Productions. As usual we are not allowed to name names, but the production featured a band and full orchestra with additional orchestration by the estimable Irwin Fisch. Featured singers were the fabulous Jeff Washburn and Jill Gioia. Usually JGMP does the pre-records only, but in this case we also mixed songs from the live show for a post-show video. I have to tell you that Jeff and Jill both tore it up onstage! It is a great pleasure to work with such talent.

Singers Jeff Washburn & Jill Gioia for Ronnie Lawson Productions


We recently completed masters for two contrasting but very interesting artists: 

Steven Bakur's "Sooner Than Later" produced by Justin Tracy, has a distinctly modern British pop sensibility that is very sonically adventurous. Justin and Steven worked hard to create a unique palate of sounds and textures, and we all worked hard together to translate that palate to disk. Well worth a spin!

WOOL&GRANT is the collaboration of veteran singer/songwriters Bev Grant and Ina May Wool. Also featured is producer/instrumentalist Daniel A. Weiss. Together, Ina and Bev have a remarkable synergy. Their songs are sharp, funny, moving, always on target and the settings are musically gorgeous.  Release TBA.


Jon Gordon Music Production Inc. now has its own Facebook Page. There are lots of pictures from our gallery, and we will be posting news tidbits as they happen.  Please go there now and Like us!  You can click HERE.


We were pleased to see ace vocal coach Sally Morgan the other day. She has an exciting program in the works for aspiring singers, which you will be hearing more about soon!

Crack percussionist Dave Silliman was in recently to work with Foster and Cliff on their piece "Dunes", as well as with composer Luce Amen on songs for her musical in progress, "I Will".  Always great to record Dave and his vast store of South American and flamenco percussion instruments!

Work continues with pop newcomer Jay Gallagher, a.k.a. Jay+Tonic. Singer/songwriter Kathy Zimmercontinues to record her songs. Brian McNeese continues to work on his second JGMP recorded CD.

We have a number of exciting projects under development with Davi VieiraFabiana Masili and Kay Story.

And that's a wrap for now. Hope to see you soon!

Best wishes,



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